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In need of an emergency stain removal? Follow these steps.

What to do for a spill or stain.

1. Determine what kind of carpet or fabric you have. If wool, do not rub.

2. What has been spilled?

  • Paint, tar, gum or grease - Use a solvent and towel to remove.
  • Liquid - Dilute with warm water and blot with cotton towel.
  • Ink - Cover with baking soda and towel, but do not rub. Call Dalton immediately.
  • Pet stains - Dilute with warm water and blot with cotton towel.
  • Wax - Call us for specific instructions.

Some things to remember:

  • Never use hot water or paper towels to clean, and avoid vigorous rubbing.
  • A machine clear-water rinse-extraction will prevent gradual re-soiling of an area after chemicals have been used to remove spots.
  • Call Dalton with questions. We've got the answers!

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