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From damage restoration to choosing an upholstery cleaner, here are some frequently asked questions

How soon can I get an estimate from Dalton?

Dalton offers free, no obligation, written estimates within 24 to 48 hours of your call, any day of the week.

How much will I pay for Dalton's services?

We pride ourselves on offering fair and reasonable prices. In fact, our standard pricing is well below the country Midwest average, according to studies performed by cleaning industry publication, Cleanfax Magazine.

What type of cleaning methods does Dalton use?

We provide a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaners and procedures to meet or exceed any manufacturer's maintenance and warranty guidelines. Our products are Green Sustainable. The method we use will depend on your carpet type and soiling condition.

How can I get rid of that yellowish color in our traffic paths?

Asphalt "molecular fusing" is the major culprit causing that yellowish color in your traffic paths. Coal-tar substances that become absorbed into everyone's shoes from parking lots have oily resins that will bond into carpet fibers. Over time, and especially in high traffic, pivot areas, main halls, stairs, lobbies, near restrooms and water fountains, elevators, etc., transfer occurs from foot traffic.

Because the molecular structure of these resins are similar to the molecular components of by-products that go into the manufacturing of most synthetic fibers, a fusion process occurs that in time will gradually and permanently discolor carpets! Full damage restoration from this usually yellowish hue is not possible; however, it can be minimized through frequent preventive cleaning measures, as well as periodic applications of protectors such as DuPont Teflon. Teflon develops an invisible barrier much like a floor finish that helps prevent the resins from coming into contact with the fibers.

Another source of yellowing in some carpets originates from the use of optical brighteners by carpet cleaners. Dalton abides by manufacturer's warranty recommendations. We know the short-term appearance benefit will damage your carpet long-term, while voiding product warranties!

Does Dalton handle water damage restoration?

Yes. You can reach us anytime by calling our emergency line at 248-514-9029. A Dalton crew will come to your site to evaluate and orchestrate the flood or water damage restoration.

Can Dalton help me choose new carpet?

Yes. With years of experience cleaning commercial carpets of all brands and manufacture, we offer a free, customized consultation to help you select the best floor product for your office. Our expertise will save you time, money and aggravation. We will also take the time to teach you how to maintain your new investment with our CustomCare program.

Can Dalton help with carpet repairs or re-stretching?

Yes. Just give us a call!

How long does it take carpet to dry after damage restoration service?

Average drying time ranges from 4 to 7 hours depending upon the type of carpet. You can accelerate drying time with ceiling fans and floor air movers.

Can you remove coffee and other beverage spills without having them come back?

Most of the time. It depends on the type of beverage spilled, as decaffeinated beverages can cause permanent discoloration. Call us today or see our helpful hints section for more information.

Do you offer carpet maintenance programs?

Yes. Dalton provides carpet maintenance programs for hundreds of businesses statewide! Our concept is called CustomCare and its benefits include:

  • Consistent, high-level appearance
  • Continuous spot/spill attention
  • Fixed, manageable payments
  • Healthier indoor environment
  • Extended carpet life

Does Dalton carry emergency spot kits?

Yes. You can manage carpet stains between Dalton visits with a kit with professional products we recommended. Just ask us!

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